Thursday, December 2, 2010

Throwdown Results!

Well, as you can see Leah clearly won our challenge! She had a great loss and I had a gain in the four weeks we tracked. To say I am disappointed would be truthful. I really wanted to do better. I started off so well and then things went downhill from there.

My glass half-full approach is to celebrate that I only gained .1 last week, with Thanksgiving and all. Actually, I hoped to see a loss. I felt like my eating (besides Thanksgiving) was better and my exercise was still on track. But the truth is, I wasn't tracking so my eating may not have been as good as I thought.

I don't have the energy for a long, reflective post right now. Hopefully, I can make up for it the next couple of days. I just wanted to let you all know the results of the challenge and give Leah a big shoutout for doing so well! Congrats, Leah!


  1. I think we both learned this month! Thanks for the challenge, Barb! :)

  2. Don't be too disappointed Barbara! Remember all you have accomplished and build on it from here. I LOVE the new look of your blog. Makes me want to burst into Christmas carols.