Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Good morning everybody, I hope you all are happy and well.

This morning the scale read 175.5, which is what it read last Wednesday. No gain, no loss. That means for the month of June I netted a total loss of 1 pound! That isn't good considering my new mini-goal is to lose 4 pounds a month so I can reach my big goal by December. I obviously have work to do.

Overall, I feel good about my exercise and feel like I am eating fairly healthy. I will say that over the past week I did have two days where I felt like I had overeaten and really felt full. I haven't felt really full for awhile so that is something I need to watch from here on out.

We just got an exercise bike and I got on it for the first time last night. I have never really ridden one so I wasn't sure what to expect. I loved it and am so excited to add it to my exercise routine. I did it for 40 minutes and burned almost as many calories as I do while on the treadmill for the same amount of time. We put it in our TV room and I did it while we were watching a movie last night. The thing is so quiet that I think the only way my family could even tell I was on there was by my heavy breathing. I love to watch TV and look forward to doing the bike while I watch my favorite shows this fall. I think adding the bike (I vow not to let it replace my running/walking outside or on the treadmill) will help me better reach my goals.

Well, I just got a call that my daughter needs lunch money. There are two days of school left, you would think she would be happy with home lunch. But she doesn't want to miss out on pizza day. Hmmm...that doesn't sound so great does it? Anyway, I better head over there with her lunch money. Have a great day everybody!

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Totally Random Monday

Good morning, everybody. Thank you all for your positive, supportive comments on my last post regarding my new goal. I really feel like I can do it now! I hope you all had a great weekend! My weekend was pretty great (besides team USA getting knocked out of the World Cup). Here is my weekend update and some randomness for you all.

Friday, was my daughter's 5th grade program, it was a patriotic one. I loved it and it made me appreciate this great country of ours even more. I look forward to celebrating Independence Day this weekend. Before the program, they had a states parade. Each 5th grader had to do a report on one of the states and make up a mini-float for the parade. My daughter's state was Georgia. It was fun and stressful putting the float together and very rewarding to watch the parade.

Friday night, we spent the evening with old friends who moved away to Georgia about 7 years ago. They have just moved back to Utah and live only about 5 miles from us. It was great, just like old times. I am so excited to have them back here for good.

Saturday, I completed Week 7, Day 1 of the C25K training by running for 25 minutes straight. Woo, woo! I think it is mostly mental with me. If I get on the treadmill with no expectations and just start running and push myself that extra 1/4 mile or 5 minutes I can do it. Otherwise, I pysch myself out. Like today. I was going to attempt Day 2 of Week 7, but talked myself out of it. Here are my excuses (maybe valid, maybe not), I got very little sleep last night so my energy level is low. I woke up at 5:00 a.m. to go to my exercise class this morning and we did kickboxing so my legs and arms are pretty sore. I just couldn't run far.

Recently, I bought a new dress. I have always admired the wrap around dresses and even have tried them on before, but have never felt comfortable enough with how I look in them to buy them. They usually have fun prints and I'm a more wear a simple black skirt with a blouse, don't be noticed, kind of gal. Anyway, I saw a dress (size L) on the clearance rack at Kohl's for $15 and had to try it on. I actually thought I looked okay, plus the price couldn't be beat. Even if I decided later on I didn't want to wear it, it was only $15.

When I excitedly told my husband I had found it on the clearance rack, he told me , "that's great, but you don't have to only buy things on the clearance rack". This got me thinking a lot. I know there is nothing wrong with the clearance rack and I love a good deal, but I think part of me wonders if I'm not worth spending the money for more expensive clothes. This is something I'll have to ponder. It could be I am just cheap! :)

Anyway, I wore the dress for the second time to church yesterday and had my husband snap a pic, so here I am in my new dress:

Leah, recently awarded me the Beautiful Blogger award and I graciously accept it here now. If you have never checked out Leah's blog at My New Ending, go check it out. She is truly a beautiful blogger and I am honored that she considers me one, too. :)

So now I am suppose to tell you 7 things about myself.

1.) I am an only child and was raised by a single mom. This is a bit of a rarity in my community, where large families are common. My mom is one of my best friends and I have many good memories growing up.

2.) I went to 6 different Elementary Schools. I think I adapted well and learned how to make friends easily. However, because I moved around so much I can't say I have one childhood friend that I have known my whole life. My oldest and dearest friend is someone I met in 8th grade.

3.) I spent 18 months in Argentina on a mission for my church. It was the hardest, best thing I've ever done, next to being a parent. Because of this, Argentina is my new favorite team in the World Cup :)!

4.) My hubby and I had our first date when we were 15 and Sophomores in High School. We dated a few more times during our teen years, but it wasn't until we were in our early twenties that we really got serious. We have been married for 13 1/2 years. I love him and consider him my best friend and more!

5.) I graduated from college with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies, but have never been paid to use my degree. Unless, of course, you count hugs and kisses because I use it everyday in my home. In the early years of my oldest daughter's life, my husband would look at me as if I should know everything. I would just laugh and say, "It seems a lot easier when you read about this in books."

6.) Most of you probably know this, but it is a big part of me so I'll say it again: I LOVE SPORTS! My favorite sports are College football and NBA basketball. But I can really sit down and watch any sport. I do have to pick a team or individual to root for though, to fully enjoy the experience.

7.) I have two different colored eyes. One is hazel with brown specks in it and the other one is hazel/blueish. It really depends on the light. It has always made me little self-conscious because once people notice they just stare really deep into my eyes. I don't know why so much eye contact makes me nervous, but it does. At least, I know who really looks me in my eyes.

So there are my random things about me. Now I am suppose to pass this on to some people. This is always the hardest part. I love so many blogs, yet feel like I am passing them on to the same people a lot. You know who you are. So today, I am going to pass them on to my newest followers/commenters. Some of them just started blogging. You should go check them out so they can feel your love, much as I do. They are:

Sarah @ Creating Sarah
Taylor @ Tay's Life
Lori Lynn @ Sunflowers n Daisies
Maya @ I hate the Waiting Game

Okay ladies, the rules are you post the award picture on your blog. Then you tell us 7 things about yourself and mention a few bloggers you think are beautiful.

I hope everyone has a great Monday!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A new goal! (I really think I must be crazy)

I was recently re-reading my 2nd post ever. In the post I set my goals, both short-term and long-term. You can read the post here if you want. It is amazing to me that I am 6 months into this journey and have already accomplished some of the short-term goals and am more than half way to my big long-term goal as far as pounds lost goes.

I think that goals are what keep us striving to do our best. I have thought about what may happen when I reach my goal weight. What will keep me motivated to exercise and eat healthy? I like to think that wanting to take care of my body will be enough of a reason, but wonder if it really will be enough.

When the treadmill got boring and mundane in the beginning of my journey I decided to take on the C25K training. I'm still working on that goal, but plan on being a C25k graduate. :)
When the exercise dvd's got mundane I had some new opportunities to take exercise classes with friends.
These are things that have helped me on my journey. And now I have found a new one that will help me stay on the path for at least the next 3 years.

It is called the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay Race.
It is a 178 mile race completed over about a 24 hour period. Teams are made up of 12 people and each person runs three legs of the race. The legs range from easy to very difficult. The area in which the race is ran is very beautiful and mountainous. Here is how the website describes the race:

"Think of it as a 188-mile party with 12 best friends. Teams of 12 will rock out to live bands, enjoy the wacky participant costumes, and make life-long friends with teammates and competitors. Teams will party along the backside of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains from Logan (85 miles north of Salt Lake City) to Park City, Utah (15 miles east of Salt Lake City). "

Doesn't it sound fun!? :} I have many friends that have done this. I remember thinking I really wish I could do something like that last year when I saw all their facebook updates and pics about the race, but KNOWING I NEVER COULD do anything like that. After all, I was 50 pounds overweight and couldn't even run a 1/4 mile.

This year I had the same thoughts as the race was ran last weekend. By the same thought, I meant wishing I could be involved in it. The difference this year is I KNOW I CAN do this race someday. And I think it would be great to do it the summer I turn 40. That is in three years. I truly believe anybody could train to do anything within a three year period. I have already talked to many friends about doing it and now I am posting it on my blog so it is officially a goal of mine now. And who knows, as time goes by maybe we'll decide to do it earlier.

I am so excited to have this new goal and to have something more to work towards. I really appreciated Kyle's comment on my last post. He said, "With your running you have something better to focus on than the scale." That is so true. I am so much more than the number on the scale. I have other goals that don't include numbers on the scale but numbers of miles ran.

So there you have it my new long, long-term goal. Do any of you have any real long-term goals that you really believe in? I mean, I could say I want to run a marathon in 3 years. But right now that doesn't seem very believeable to me. I think when we set goals, no matter how far out they are they must be something we truly believe in.

I hope you all are happy and well. Good night!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Good morning, everybody! I hope this day finds you happy and well.
Today was my weigh-in day and the scale read 175.5, which means I lost the 1.5 pounds I gained last week and also lost that stubborn 30th pound that has been eluding me. Woo hoo!
I feel very good to know that I was able to get back on track and did not let last week's discouragement keep me down.

I am 20 lbs. away from my goal for this year. I have to admit, at this point 20 lbs. seems a little daunting since the last 10 lbs. have seemed to take forever to get off. I figure I have about 5 months left to do it and can hope for a maintain in December because really, who loses weight in December? Maybe that is the wrong kind of attitude, but I feel it is fairly realistic. So I guess my new mini-goal is to lose 4 pounds a month.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another goal I've set for myself. It is way long-term but very exciting!

Have a great day everybody!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Me & Yard work: A match not meant to be.

Good morning everybody! I hope you all had a great weekend. We loved Toy Story 3! I think my husband and I laughed as much or more than the kids, and the end is so touching I almost cried. We had a great barbecue with our dad's last night. It was fun to celebrate with them.

Saturday was our first soccer-free, nice weather Saturday in a long time. We planned on taking full advantage and getting out in the yard and doing some work. Well, I've decided that yard work may not be my thing. You may remember that on Tuesday I sat in an ant hill and got pinched at. Well, on Saturday I was doing some weed chopping with my hoe and when I stood up straight to get the rake, I realized I had done something to my back. The pain was excruciating ( I have a low tolerance for pain), it was all I could do to hobble to my backyard, where my husband was, and lay down on the grass. Needless, to say my yard work workout was once again cut short.

The interesting thing about it is that all I could think of was how mad I was because a hurt back was really going to throw a wrench into my daily exercise routine. I know I've come along way when I am worried about NOT being able to exercise!

A few ibuprofen and some rest got me through Saturday and it has progressively felt better. I am just a little nervous about re-aggravating it. I am bummed because I was so excited about running 2 miles last week and I wanted to run again today. I am little nervous about it.

I decided not to run outside today and will use my treadmill instead. That way if I start running and throw out my back, I'll be in my house and not miles away from home. :) I will take it easy to begin with and see how it goes.

My hubby just ordered an exercise bike. I am excited to have something new to do. I think it is important to change up your workout every few months and am happy I have been able to do that. So how do you all change up your workout, or do you even feel it is necessary?

Have a great day everybody!

Friday, June 18, 2010

C25K Week 6 Day 3 Complete......FINALLY!

Good morning, everybody! I hope you are all having a good day so far and looking forward to the weekend. I am sitting her watching The World Cup. Go USA! They got down 0-2 early but are not knocking on the door to tie it at 2-2. I just love soccer, whether it is my kids playing, our local MLS team or the world cup. Woo hoo! They just tied it up!

I bet many of you have forgotten (or at least no one has called me out on it) I (we interrupt this blog post for a world cup update, USA just had a winner goal disallowed for some phantom penalty).... have been working on Week 6 Day 3 of the C25K since April. I have not seemed to be able to get past the mental challenge of running for 25 minutes straight. Also, my friend and I have started running in the mornings so I have not been very focused on the C25k.

Today was a treadmill day. And FINALLY, I was able to run for 25 minutes straight. In fact, I ran for 27 minutes and 2 miles! Before today, the farthest distance had been just over 1.5 miles. I'm not sure what the difference was today, but now I have a new standard to live up to. I just may complete the C25K program after all.

I am looking forward to this weekend. Some good friends of ours, who moved across the country 6 years ago, have just moved back to town. We are getting together with them this afternoon and are so excited to have them back so close.

Tonight we are going to see Toy Story 3. I am so excited! I love the Pixar movies. Tomorrow is a day of yardwork, as beautiful weather is expected. On Sunday, we are having our dad's over for a barbecue. It should be fun.

I hope all of you have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's Gut Check Time!

Once again, I am a day late in posting my weigh-in results and once again I am not very excited to report my results. Here it goes: Yesterday morning the scale read 178, for a GAIN of 1.5 pounds. My first gain since I started in January. Most of my losses have been .5 pounds so I basically screwed up 3 normal weeks of hard work in just one week. Not good. I didn't really expect a loss after my poor eating.

It is gut check time for me! Will I have the courage to keep going and get back on track or will I give up when it gets hard? Will I allow my discouragement to get the best of me or will I allow this week's weigh-in to motivate me to do even better?

I choose to get back on track and to do even better! I started tracking my calories again yesterday for the first time in a couple of months. Granted, my calorie count was way too high (due to my friend inviting me for lunch and having a huge bowl of guacamole out in the open for me to dip corn chips in all afternoon) but at least I was forced to see just how high down on paper.

This week will be better. I promise you and most of all I promise myself. I have worked to hard over the past 6 months, only to not reach my goal and gain it all back.

I have to keep this short. My son is home from school all week, due to testing for kindergarten. Then he goes back for two weeks before all my kids are out for the summer (6 weeks for us). I just realized yesterday that I really need to take advantage of the rest of this week because it is the last couple of days I will ever have with my son, just the two of us. Next year, he will be in all-day school, just like my girls. :(

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Totally random post!

Hello out there! This will be a totally random post since I don't have the energy to think of something clever or insightful to write about. So here are 11 random thoughts for you all:

1.) I really planned on weeding for more than one hour this morning and then I sat on a ant hill in my garden! Good thing they were just black ants, black ants don't bite...right? NOT SO! I weeded for a few minutes longer after I brushed all the ants off and still couldn't snap the feeling that I was being snipped at or bitten. Yes, some of those darn ants crept through the mesh of my pants and were pinching me. I quickly ended my weeding session and headed to the shower!

2.) I find it interesting that I actually enjoy doing yard work now more than I used to because I know it is burning calories. Those darn ants cut my workout short!

3.) I really needed the weeding workout today on top of my strength training class and 3 miles on the treadmill because last night we ate dinner and dessert at the local ice cream parlor and tomorrow is my weigh-8in. Shame on me.

4.) I would have been better off not eating at the ice cream parlor but then my family would have missed out on the kindness of one stranger. One anonymous customer picked up our tab and the bill of two other tables. How sweet!

5.) Of course, this got me to thinking why our family was one of the families he chose to pay for in such a crowded restaurant. Did we look poor? Did we look unhappy and needed to smile? Or maybe we looked so happy and are such a cute family he could not resist himself? LOL!

6.) Why am I so darn paranoid about what others think and cannot just accept a stranger's kind gesture without analyzing it?

7.) The whole ice cream parlor thing would not have happened had the new dishwasher we have be waiting for two weeks would have just fit in our dishwasher space! Then we would not have had to pick out another one and been in the ice cream parlor's neighborhood!

8.) I really hope that the new dishwasher can be installed without any problems because I am really tired of having to inspect all the dishes when I pull them out of the dishwasher before I put them in the cupboard.

9.) What's worse is that sometimes my kids forget to inspect when it is their turn to empty the dishwasher. Nothing like pulling dirty, clean dishes out of the cupboard!

10.) My sink disposal stopped working today. Bummer!

11.) I really should get on with my day and stop boring you all. Have a good day!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Weigh-In-Wednesday (A day late)

I have to be honest, I really did not want to write this post. I almost skipped it. Yesterday was my weigh-in day and I have a legitimate reason for not posting. I was at the zoo all day on the kindergarten field trip. Fun times (she said a bit sarcastically)!

Today I got sucked into the worldwide (evil) web! I have been browsing vacation homes all morning for a trip we are planning to Orlando next year. It is definitely time for me to get off the computer, but I figure I might as well do something productive on here. We all know that spending hours writing posts and reading blogs is much more productive than just browsing the web, right? :)

My weigh-in yesterday was 176.5, for no gain and no loss. This is my first maintain and it is a bit frustrating. The 30 lb. mark still eludes me! I guess I shouldn't be surprised, seeing how my eating hasn't been on track. In fact, if it weren't for the fact that I can't seem to get back into the groove of eating better, I could be encouraged that I did not gain. Doing my best and still not losing would be a lot worse. I can definitely do better!

It has been 2 days since I did cardio, unless you count walking around the zoo all day chasing kindergartners. I meant to do it today after my strength class, but then the worldwide evil web got in the way!

At least I wrote the post and am still making myself be accountable. I can do this, right? My motto: I can do hard things. I will get back on track, starting right now. Thanks for listening everybody! Have a great day!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Mind Reader? Blog Reader?

Good morning, everybody! Last night I did not sleep well at all so when the alarm went off at 5:00 a.m. this morning I DID NOT want to get up to go to my exercise class. I ALMOST texted my friend to tell her not to pick me up because I was just too tired. But then I knew I would regret it later. Today is a busy day so it may have been my only chance to get some exercise in. So I got up.

Well, when we got there the instructor said that today was going to be game day. Woo hoo! I had no idea what this meant, but it sounded fun. Has he been reading my blog? Or does he just read minds? Because making exercise fun is just what I have blogged about recently.

We played paddle ball. For those of you who don't know what paddle ball is (I didn't) it is a game where two teams try to hit a ball into the other team's goal. The small ball is on the ground and you use little paddles to hit it around. Basically, it requires a lot of squatting down and running...and some would say I used my elbows a little too much. :) I'm just a bit competitive. Anyway, it was fun! And a great workout!

After paddle ball, we jumped rope old-school style. You know the kind, where two people hold the rope and swing it around while three of us jumped in it. I have not done that for at least 25 years maybe longer. It was also a great workout! I told the instructor that we should have game day every Monday. He said that we could. We'll see.

Thank you to everyone for your yummy suggestions as for "more awesome" dessert recipes. Thanks to you and my facebook friends I have several new desserts to try. I decided to stick with one of my tried and true recipes. It is called chocolate-lovers favorite cake. I would have to agree, if you like chocolate you'll love this cake! It is a bundt cake made from a devil's food cake mix, with a lot of other very fattening (and yummy) stuff added to it. I got it off of years ago. I went to the website on Friday to copy and paste the recipe to an email for a friend that had requested the recipe. I noticed the nutritional info on it and HOLY COW, I wanted to cry. This cake has 604 calories per serving! I have used low-fat sour cream before, so I'm sure that took some of the calories out of it.

After I saw this, I could not bring myself to eat any of it on Saturday. We've had it twice recently for my kid's birthdays, so I felt like I didn't need any this weekend. I enjoyed a couple of the "melt your face off -awesome" cookies. They were peanut butter with peanut butter cups in them. Not low fat, but not 604 calories either. The good news, everybody really liked my cake and there was only a little leftover. Only enough for my husband and my two kids, who really love the cake to have a small slice.

I hesitate putting the recipe on this type of blog because, well it has 604 CALORIES per serving! However, it is delicious and would make a great once-a-year :) splurge. So click here for a link to the recipe, if you dare. If not, just skip this paragraph all together.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! We enjoyed the sunshine around here, yay!

Friday, June 4, 2010

When Does It All Change?

Thank you for your encouraging comments on my last couple of posts. It is nice to know that some people are still reading my blog. I do love comments, but it doesn't matter if it just a few because those few people are making a difference for me! I love you guys!

As I mentioned in my blog yesterday, I was responsible for our monthly pack meeting for our local cub scout pack. I also mentioned that I was a little nervous about the activity we had planned for the boys last night. Okay, I wasn't really nervous...I was just wondering how the boys would react to our physical fitness relay race. Boy was I wrong!

When I told them at the first cone they would have to do 5 push-ups they all looked offended that I thought they could only do 5 push-ups and they told me as much. Some boys wanted to do 20! We settled on 10. They also did 15 jumping jacks, 10 sit-ups, some hula hooping and a lot of running as the relay was spread out over a fairly large field. They loved it! When the race was over most of them wanted to do it again, so they did! Even after that some of them wanted to go again but our time was limited so we didn't.

I was very impressed by their eagerness to participate. I think there was only one boy out of 20+ that didn't want to participate. We also had younger siblings, leaders and parents participate. I probably should have, but I was overseeing the race. Thank heavens, nobody called me on that one. :)

The den responsible for providing the snacks for the evening just earned their nutrition belt loop so they opted to bring healthy snacks. All fruits and vegetables. There was some grumbling by the kids when they saw it wasn't the usual cookies for snack, but by the end of the evening all the healthy stuff had been eaten! I think it has been proven that when given healthy choices, kids will eat it.

The whole experience got me wondering. When does it all change? When does exercise not become fun? When do we stop wanting to exercise and challenge ourselves? Most kids seem to enjoy exercising (think sports, dance, etc). And there are some people who never grow out of it, but it seems like a lot of us do.

However, I don't ever remember enjoying exercise and did not participate in sports much so that was probably my problem. And I think had last nights activity been with 8-10 year old girls, the reaction would have been different. Do you agree?

I do think as we get older, we stop making exercise fun. It becomes another chore to add to our list of never ending "things to do" and when we have to let something slide, exercise may be the obvious thing to let go. Before we know it, we are obese and that makes exercise that much harder.

Do you think the scouts enjoyed last night because it was fun and competitive or do they genuinely like that kind of stuff? I'm sure it would depend on the boy.

So how do you all make exercise fun and competitive? For me, exercising with other people has made a huge difference. It definitely makes it more fun. I am also somewhat competitive so I definitely don't want to be the first one to stop a certain exercise or to put my weights down. I know I push myself harder when I'm with others than when I'm doing an exercise video alone at home.

Also, blogging makes a difference for me. I know we aren't all in competition with each other, but seeing what others are doing for exercise motivates me to do more. I mean, if so and so can do it I should be able to do it, too. Not to mention, I report it for you all to see.

Those are my thoughts for the day. I feel like I'm back in the blog groove. Three posts in three days! I don't think I'll blog again until Monday. This weekend will be full of soccer games, yard work and a church social.

The social is sponsored by the men's group so the men are the ones that signed (their wives) up to bring food. My sweet hubby signed us (me) up for a dessert. That would be fine and dandy, but there is some added pressure. Someone signed up for a dessert and put next to it "something awesome" so my husband signed up and put "something more awesome". Now I have to think of something "more awesome" to bring. At least I'm not the wife of the third guy who put "something so awesome it will make your face melt off"!

I'm off to figure out a more awesome dessert that won't be so awesome I will want to eat more than my share of it! Have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Help! Save me from myself! (Warning: Long post!)

Okay, maybe less blogging is symbolic of something else. I have been blogging less and eating more! In yesterday's post I mentioned how I would love to hit the 30 lb. mark at next week's weigh-in. Well, I haven't really been eating like that is what I want.

It all started out last night when I really didn't know what to make for dinner and I really didn't want to make dinner. That led to a pizza night. In this journey, I have made an effort to cook more often and only eat out once a week. I usually reserve the take-out/ eat-out night for Saturday. Not this week.

Anyway, we got Papa Murphy's Take-n-Bake pizza. We ordered two (one large, one family size) pizzas. We basically had a whole pizza left. Why, oh why, do we always order so much? We like leftovers and can't agree on one kind of pizza. I think our days of leftovers need to end. One pizza should be sufficient.

I ate THREE pieces of pizza last night and some bread and I just ate two pieces for lunch. Not good! Oh, and did I mention that I bought a chocolate truffle candy bar at the store today and ate it? It's not even TOM's fault. Help!

I think being brutally honest with myself and with you all about what I ate should hopefully kick me back into gear. If not, Journey Beyond Survival, will you please taze me? :)

On a totally different note....I had some thoughts today regarding what God really thinks of my new lifestyle.

I am cubmaster for the cubscouts in my neighborhood. That means I plan monthly pack meetings, where the boys get their awards. Each month in cubscouts there is a character connection. At pack meeting, I take a few minutes to talk a bit about the character connection.

This month's character connection is Health and Fitness. I have been pondering what to say tonight. Our pack is sponsored by our church so I usually try to relate something spiritual to the character connection as well.

For those of you who haven't figured it out yet, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. You probably know it as the Mormon church. Please, don't think "Big Love" here (my husband has only one wife, me! And no members in good standing practice polygamy). Anyway, you may or may not be familiar with the "word of wisdom" that we follow. But basically it is a health code found in our scriptures. We don't use tobacco (or other drugs), we don't drink alcohol or coffee, either. Basically, we are counseled to abstain from any harmful substances, even in moderation. The other part of the Word of Wisdom, and the part that some of us ignore, is that we should eat healthily. Plenty of fruits and veggies and grains and we should eat meat sparingly. Of course, in many ways it is open to interpretation. Some would say, chocolate or caffeine are harmful substances. I eat plenty of chocolate, but choose to stay away from caffeinated beverages.

If we follow this health code we are promised physical and spiritual blessings. I want to talk to the boys tonight about the word of wisdom a little and the benefits we receive when we heed God's counsel to take care of the bodies He has given us. I will focus more on the things we SHOULD do with our bodies (eating healthy and exercising) than what we shouldn't do. And for our activity we will be doing a relay race that includes hula hooping, jumping jacks, push ups and sit ups. The boys may hate me when it is all over. :)

Anyway, this all got me to thinking. I started thinking about how I really want to be a size 10 (believe me that would be quite an accomplishment for me). Then I started thinking, that God doesn't really care if I'm a size 10 or not. He just wants me to take care of the body He put me in.

Apart from my weight, I am in the best shape of my life. I have never exercised so consistently in my life. I have muscles I never knew existed and for the most part I feel great. I know that God is pleased with me in this aspect. It felt good to know that I am taking better care of my body.

I must admit that I started to justify giving up on some of my goals a little. I thought, if I keep up the exercise and don't lose much more weight. That is okay. I will still be healthy.
Help! Save me from myself!

The problem with my rationalization is that I'm overlooking another part of taking better care of my body. I'm sure God would rather I choose fruits and veggies over chocolate and chips. If I heed ALL of His counsel, the weight will come off naturally because I will be making better choices.

My goals have not changed. But I do think my perspective has changed a little. I will try to be a little less worried about looking so great in my size 10 jeans and more concerned with how well I am taking care of this body God has blessed me with.

Anyway, those our my honest thoughts for today. If you made it to the end of this post, thanks for listening to me ramble on. Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weigh-In-Wednesday and Inspiration needed

Good morning, bloggers! Today's weigh-in was 176.5 for a loss of .5 and a total loss of 29 lbs. I sure hope to reach the 30 lb milestone next week! I have to say, I have gotten back on my regular exercise schedule since my vacation but my eating wasn't the greatest this past week. It may have something to do with the holiday weekend. I made mostly good decisions, but could have done better. So I am not surprised by the little loss. However, I have had many of those losses in this journey. I continue, to believe this is the best way for me. I have never felt overly deprived as far as my diet goes and I really feel like I can eat this way the rest of my life, which is what it will take to maintain once I reach my weight goal. But, for whatever reason I feel a bit down today and wish the pounds were coming off a little faster.

I don't know if anyone has noticed that I haven't been blogging as much lately, but I haven't. I have been pretty busy and haven't made as much time for blogging. Also, Spring has FINALLY arrived here in Utah (some of you were wondering where I live)! Hooray, I love Spring! I know Summer is right around the corner, but I'll enjoy Spring for however long we get it. With Spring and Summer comes yard work, which means even less time for blogging.

Another big reason for my lack of blogging has been lack of inspiration for what to blog about. So I'm here to ask those readers that are still around, what do you want to see on blogs? What do your favorite blogs have? Do you like menu and exercise updates? Do you like random, personal things? Do you like reviews of products? Help me out here, please.

I have maintained that this blog is a big part of my journey so I don't want to let it fall by the wayside. In fact, my blog is kind of symbolic for me. It is a symbol of commitment to this journey. I worry, that if I stop blogging I will stop short of meeting my goals.

I plan on catching up on reading blogs later today. I have read some recently and not taken the time to comment. I want you all to know how much I appreciate your efforts to blog so often and you continue to inspire me. YOU ALL are a big part of my journey, too. Thanks for being in my life.