Friday, November 19, 2010

Throw-Down-Challenge- Week 2 (It's not good)

Leah created this lovely scorecard for our Throwdown Challenge. As you can see, I have fallen behind. I had a 1.5 gain this last week. Not good!
Leah, however had a 3.5 pound loss. I am so proud of Leah, who is continuing to work hard and make good decisions. She had a busy week and wasn't able to track really well, but still came out ahead in the challenge.
I was also busy and didn't track very well, but obviously didn't do as well with it.
Here is an update on my goals:

1.)I will walk/run a minimum of 3.25 miles, 5 days a week.
Well, it doesn't seem to be happening for me five days a week. I am really good about doing it four days a week and I'm actually okay with that. I think I will change this goal to walk/run 3.5 miles on four days of the week.

2.) I will ride the exercise bike for 50 miles a week (I usually do 10 miles in 40 minutes)
Again, I haven't quite met this goal because I seem to be only exercising 4 days a week. However, I'm not going to change this goal because I need to motivate myself to get on the bike at the end of the day if I missed my morning exercise session. I can just as easily watch TV and ride the bike as I can watch TV and sit on the couch. :)

3.) I will track my calories on sparkpeople and aim for no more than 1450 a day. I have decided that I will not track on Saturdays (hopefully it won't be my downfall).
Fail,fail, fail! No excuses here. I just have to do it!
Well, I sound like a broken record the last couple of months, but it's time to get back on track! Being the competitive person I am, I do not want to creamed in the challenge! In fact, I don't want to lose at all. :) That means I have a lot of work to do. If I do lose, I want to go down fighting.
I hope you all have a healthy, happy weekend!


  1. So far you have a very positive attitude. Good luck on the challenge! All you can do is your best.

  2. You are not giving up and that is the best thing. Remember, "slow and steady wins the race". And I've had major chocolate munchies...argh...that's not always a good thing in my weight loss journey.

    Great job on getting in that exercise!!

  3. Go Barb!! No matter what, you've done AMAZING and you've inspired me so much! =] <3